At RedBrick properties, we provide services to First Time Home Buyers, Real Estate Investors and Sellers. You can learn more about our services below:

First Time Home Buyers:

(all of the services below are provided at Zero Cost to the Buyer)

  • A Free Coaching Call to Discuss Your Credit to Determine the Best Time for You to Buy
  • Buyers Agents* that specialize in working w/ first time home buyers that will:
    • Prepare an acceptable offer, that will not be overlooked by the seller
    • Keep your emotions in check. (We will keep you from being blinded by the things you love about a home, ignoring serious defects.) 
    • See homes that fit what you are looking for. (A bad agent will simply want you to buy a house… any house. And they will waste hours of your life showing you homes you have no interest in.)
    • Find “For-Sale-By-Owner” and Foreclosure properties that you typically wouldn’t find on your own.
    • Find the best inspectors, title professionals, and movers. Our experience in Richmond has introduced us to the best services in town.

*Buyers Agents are typically paid by the Seller at closing – No cost to Home Buyer

Traditional Sellers:

On our team we have Listing Agents to help Traditional Sellers with:

    • Customized Marketing
    • Professional Staging
    • Professional Listing Photos
    • Pricing Your Home

Fast Sellers:

We provide full CASH offers for Fast Sellers who would prefer the convenience of not having to list on the MLS. This service is for sellers who would like a transaction with No Fees. No Commissions. No Repairs. No Staging. No Hassles! This service is also great for Sellers who are on a tight timeline, since we provide full cash offers and close on the date YOU select

Real Estate Investors: